Mechanisms of formation and classification of secondary immunodeficiency states in uveitis


infectious uveitis
noninfectious uveitis
cellular immunity
humoral immunity
correction principles
immunological disorders

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Panchenko, M., Bezditko, P., Honchar, O., Duras, I., Panchenko, H., Boieva, Y., Ivzhenko, L., & Kitchenko, I. (2023). Mechanisms of formation and classification of secondary immunodeficiency states in uveitis. Inter Collegas, 10(2), 23-30.


Background. The role of immunological disorders in the pathogenesis of uveitis has been proven by numerous studies. However, there are different views on the timing and methods of immunocorrection. In our opinion, this issue should be solved on the basis of determining the mechanisms of the formation of immunodeficiency states in uveitis.

The purpose of this work was to develop a classification of secondary immunodeficiency states in uveitis according to the mechanism of formation.

Materials and Methods. The paper presents the results of the examination of 370 patients with uveitis (416 eyes; 179 were men, 191 were women, aged from 16 to 87 years; the duration of the disease ranged from 1 month to 32 years) who were treated in Kharkiv Regional Clinical Hospital, were under dispensary supervision at Kharkiv Regional Anti-Tuberculosis Dispensary and Kharkiv Regional Dispensary for Radiation Protection of the Population, or were examined, consulted and treated on an outpatient basis. The observation period was up to five years.

Results. Based on the study of immunological changes in patients with uveitis, the dynamics of immunological disorders in relapses of the inflammatory process in the uveal tract, clinical and immunological features of various forms of uveitis, and the results of correction of immunological disorders in patients with uveitis, a classification of secondary immunodeficiency states in uveitis according to the mechanism of their formation was proposed. On its basis, the principles of correction of immunodeficiency states in patients with uveitis were developed.

Keywords: infectious uveitis, noninfectious uveitis, cellular immunity, humoral immunity, correction principles, immunological disorders.


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