angiogenesis factors, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, placental dysfunction, respiratory diseases.


Disorders in the fetoplacental complex of pregnant women with chronic respiratory diseases (CRD) is one of the actual problems of modern obstetrics in medical, economic and social aspects. Respiratory diseases in the context of disorders of the fetoplacental complex (FPC) may be a comorbid process, a background to the pathology of pregnancy, or a premorbid condition that contributes to the development of placental dysfunction (PD) or even initiates it; morphophysiological changes characteristic of pregnancy also affect the state of the respiratory system, moderating the course of bronchoobstructive pathology. The presence of respiratory diseases in women, the impact of its treatment and features of the course and medical support of pregnancy in these conditions affect the condition of both the woman and the fetus, and in the future - the physical and neuropsychological development of the child.


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