tuberculosis, carbohydrate metabolism, insulin resistance


This review article contains current scientific literature data about the impact of infectious diseases and tuberculosis particulary on the formation of systemic insulin resistance in patients. A number of immune reactions have been reported in the host body in response to tuberculosis infection, which may lead to the development of hyperglycemia in TB patients. Some authors believe that such disorders are transient and disappear after a course of specific treatment, others - are inclined to believe that tuberculosis can cause diabetes in people who have not previously suffered from it, and long-term impairment of carbohydrate metabolism that occurs under the time of active tuberculosis process forms a vicious circle in which insufficiently controlled blood glucose levels can lead to aggravated TB and provoke complications in the form of cardiovascular disorders. Also, we found data on the transformation of latent disorders of carbohydrate metabolism in manifest diabetes mellitus during 1-4 years of follow-up of patients with tuberculosis.


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